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Melted Cheese and Smoked Ham Croissants

Melted Cheese and Smoked Ham Croissants

Sunday mornings are lazy times in our house. My wife and I tend to get up late and bumble about like zombies for a while, catch up on the news and do the daily crossword. One of us will then suggest a coffee. Weekend coffees are always accompanied by a snack, either sweet or, more often, savoury. Usually our favoured savoury snack is a Spanish breakfast roll, but my wife had just bought some croissants so I offered to warm them up in the oven for something a little different. These melted cheese and smoked ham croissants were simply delicious. The important thing to bear in mind here is that you should bake them until the cheese is melting and before the croissants start to go dry.

Ingredients (serves 2)

  • 2 all-butter croissants
  • 100 g cheese, roughly grated
  • smoked ham, finely sliced
raw ingredients
Raw ingredients


  1. Set the oven to 150° C.
  2. Grease the base of a non-stick oven tray.
  3. Slice the croissants in half horizontally.
  4. If you are unable to find all-butter croissants, spread a little margarine or butter on each side.
  5. Sprinkle cheese on the croissant bases, then add slices of ham and another layer of cheese.
  6. Pop the croissants in the oven for 15 – 20 minutes or until the cheese starts to melt out of the croissants.
cheese melting in the croissant
cheese melting in the croissant

Don´t worry if spilled cheese starts to brown on the tray, they are the tastiest bits!

If you enjoy snacks at other times of the day,why not try our tapas or skewer recipes?

Enjoy these melted cheese and smoked ham croissants!

ham and melted cheese croissant
ham and melted cheese croissant

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